Chad Williams

Green Residential Designer

What matters most is that the client’s vision of their project is delivered to them.  My work with clients is a collaboration.  I employ my extensive design and building experience to meet each client’s unique style.

Every project is tailored to produce the dwelling the client has imagined.  My clients must have what they envision and it must work to serve their individual needs.

The spaces that we inhabit need to be organized to work for how we use them, satisfy our sense of beauty and comfort, be a refuge and be as sustainably constructed as possible for each project and owner.

I give thoughtful attention to the intended use of each area, the traffic flow through the structure, the use of lighting and windows and awareness of where shadows fall. Each design element is integrated with the interior and the exterior. I invite clients to carefully discuss all elements, resulting in the most successful project.

I always take into account the particular elements of site orientation, topography, micro-environment and available energy sources with the goal of producing the most green, sustainable, energy efficient habitat for the location and the client’s requirements.

Chad Williams was licensed as a General Building Contractor in 1980. Since then he has been planning, designing, building and remodeling homes. Chad has hands-on designed and constructed projects for over 35 years. He is an expert tradesman and has a virtually complete understanding of all materials and practices employed in residential construction. Chad is also a certified Green Building Professional. Chad donates a minimum of 10% of his net income monthly to charity. He is a hospice volunteer, active in his local church, an avid photographer, bicyclist, hiker, husband, father and grandfather.


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