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Chad William's Resume

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1980 - CW licensed as General Contractor in August.

1980 – 1986 - CW operates as foundation and framing sub-contractor. And small addition- remodel builder.

1986 - CW first in house design and in house build of single family residence (paper & pencil drafting) completed in Nevada Co., CA.

1986 – 1993 - CW design – draft residences and remodels in Nevada Co.

1993 – 1995 - CW relocate to Santa Cruz County as site manager for Ben Lomond Quaker Center.

1996 – 2002 - CW provides General Contracting services to multiple clients in Santa Cruz County and Bay Area.

2003 - CW designs and engineers 2400 sqft 2 story residence in Pleasure Pt . Santa Cruz, CA. Built by CW. This project was a build to sell. Planned and conceived by CW, 2 stories w/ cantilevers and off sets. CW engineered and built the complete project w/ out services of a structural engineer. All elements of exterior and interior and mechanical designed by CW.

2004 - CWDS design CW collaborates w/ drafter and begins career as CAD drafter. CW responsible for design of “Villa Sophia” in Scotts Valley. A 3400 sqft residence intended for sale. CW obtains permit for owner using CW design and CD's (full construction documents). Residence is completed and sold.

2004 – 2005 - CW shifts focus from builder to CAD designer and land use planner. Various projects. Specializes in hard to build sites, buildings destroyed by fire, code violation correction and zoning problem solution. CW starts what will be four semesters of CAD and graphic design study at Cabrillo College.

2006 - An example of hard to do site. CW designs and produces CD for residence destroyed by fire in Mt. Hermon. Residence was 80 yr old 2 bedroom “shack”. Proposed design 1400 sqft 2 story 2 bedroom house. Site is inside flood plain, 35” from Ziante Creek and on a 45% down slope w/ no parking. CW applies for level 5 permit with variances and receives permit to build. House successfully built.

2007 – 2009 - CW completes study of building codes at Cabrillo College. Land use project example. CW applies (design - drafting & CD's) for rebuild of existing accessory structure in Santa Cruz. City of Santa Cruz planning (post application) requires that building be demolished because of incomplete code sequence at time of construction ( aprox 1985).

CW redesigns structure to meet 2007 CBC code. Meets w/ Santa Cruz zoning administrator and receives permit to re build. CW as a builder completes construction of house.

CW remedies multiple red-tag issues, produces design and construction documents for and builds extensive remodel-addition to mission style historic home in downtown Santa Cruz.

2010 - CW designs total remodel of residence @ 52 Eucalyptus Dr. in Watsonville. CW engineers structure prescriptively per 2007 CBC code and energy up grades. Including approved design of radiant heat to floor and wall units. Combined with advanced insulation techniques project qualifies as green and energy efficient.

2011 - CW design and CD's for addition and ADU (accessory dwelling unit) in Santa Cruz. CD's for rebuild from fire to multi- level residence in Campbell. Campbell project requires CW to prescriptively engineer first story (of 2 stories) addition.

CW organizes and documents for a discretionary permit, level 5 review, coastal permit, CD's for building permit including prescriptive engineering ( per 2010 CRC ) of all structural elements and radiant heat system of new 3800 sq.ft. residence in Santa Cruz Mountains. Coastal permit, discretionary and building permits all approved and construction started inside a 10 month period.

2012 – 2014 - CW plan, design, draft of multiple residential projects from Watsonville offices. Continuing work as a land use planner, correcting code violations, designing radiant heat systems and managing construction projects.

CW gains certification as a Green Building Professional.

2015 - CW is project manager for two $10,000,000 + tenant improvement projects in City of San Jose. CW captains design team. Administrates permit application and manages project construction to successful completion.

2016 - CW continues to work with private clients and professional builders. Designing, land use planning and permit administration for residential and commercial projects. Preparing construction documents and structural engineering drafting.

CW working with City of Watsonville to define ordinance and obtain use permits for cultivation of medical cannabis.

2017- 2018  - CW land use planning , design and project management of duplex in Carmel Valley. Requiring multiple applications for planning and structural design and variances for zoning and waste management issues. 

Design of several Near Net Zero project that all meet State of California requirements. 

2019-2020 - Completion of Near Net Zero housing. Multiple projects requiring extensive variance to code for  permit application. Resolution of projects with active code violations.  Design for additions and remodels that include ADU and Junior ADU design.  Project management for remodels and additions. 

Near Net Zero design and build on line for over 1 year,  energy data confirms home making nearly all it's own energy year around.

Best Regards,

Chad Williams
Chad Williams


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