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Green Residential Design and Construction.

Our services assure timely scheduling, budget management and quality control.

Construction Services. 

CWDB is a full service general contracting firm.  With 25 years of local experience building every type of single family and multiple family residences.  We offer cost effective, timely and the highest industry standard in residential construction.  

Green,  Sustainable, Cost Effective Building Design

We design considering how you  inhabit each area of your home. Prioritizing  the design elements  to your individual use and style.

Every project is unique.

Considering the requirements of each client we tailor  the green, energy saving, sustainable features to  maximize  the structures energy efficiency  and sustainability. Balancing cost and benefit.

Permit Administration

CWDB  offer the service of  "administering" all consultants and "walking" the permits through the  application process. That is we will contact and arange the engineering and reports required for permit application. Deliver the complete set of documents for permit application and follow till permit is ready to be issued.

Project Management

CWDB provides experienced construction project management. Our services assure timely scheduling, budget management and quality control.

Code Violation Resolution

CWDB has extensive experience correcting code enforcement problems, commonly called “REDTAGS”.  WE work directly with the jurisdiction staff to resolve these problems.

Virtual 3-D Presentation

All our design work is in 3-d. With virtual models provided at no up charge. This is a fantastic design tool.  Giving the client the ability to be virtually inside the design.  We have professional ZOOM accounts to facilitate remote shared screen design.


We're happy to help you with your project, wether it's building permit processing, construction management, new house design or remodeling.