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What Our Clients Say

Over the past years we established really good relationship with our clients.

Please read some of our testimonials.

When my husband and I decided to build our own house we had plenty of ideas, but not really sure how to combine our dreams, and visions to a reality. When we brought our ideas to Chad, he was just as enthusiastic as we were. He never told us that our ideas were not feasible or out of reach, but found a way to make them happen. He was able to put our dreams onto paper and that reality that seemed like only a dream, is in fact, now our forever home. Thanks Chad for all your patience!

W.E., Corralitos, CA


I have worked closely with Chad Williams on several projects over the past 3 years. For my investments, I own, repair, and make small $1 to $2 million apartment buildings more profitable.  Chad is knowledgeable about engineering, managing employees, and the workings of the many branches of the Santa Cruz County government. He has enabled me to accomplish some very clever tasks and has both made me money and at times saved me money. In this business one survives based on whom one knows and Chad has become one of the people whom I rely upon. In one case he took over when a contractor friend I had worked with for 25 years somehow developed some problems in his personal life and could not complete a job. In a project that had been planned for 3 months and costing $40,000, my contractor got 6 months in and $70,000 in and was not progressing.  Chad stepped in and assumed control of the workers and planning for the job, and I was able to finish the job fairly quickly after Chad took over. He deftly handled some tricky legal situations, he was professional with all concerned, and he rose above all the potential finger pointing that could have ensued. After that project I was somewhat reluctant to take anything new on, but Chad remained solutions oriented, and we are now close to completing a second project. On this project I have not lost sleep, I have left almost all of the details to Chad, he has done the book-keeping, the accounting, and when people have left, he has found replacements. Throughout the whole process he has been aware of what to do and when with regards to the county regulations. He can manage teams of people, he can manage budgets, and he can manage, (if one can use that word) the bureaucracy inherent in running small real estate related businesses. I recommend him highly.

Chris Frazier, CA

Working with Chad is such a pleasure. He is very creative, easy to interact with, and his fees are reasonable. He prepared several sets of beautiful three dimensional plans for my project, met with city officials to obtain city approvals, obtained permits, and supervised all phases of the construction. He made it so easy and the results were beautiful. Chad is a true professional. If you choose Chad for your project, you have made the right decision. Best Regards, Bob

Robert L. Shamblen, Sunnyvale, CA

We encourage anyone in need of design work to hire Chad Williams. We started with a one hundred year old house that had four additions over the years. When the roof started to leak we decided to add a second story and hired an architect with whom we spent many hours discussing our desires. He took one thing we talked about and based his whole design on that; when we explained we wanted something different he refused to change the design and quit one week before we were to sign on financing for the project. We then got Chad’s name from a friend and he was a pleasure to work with. He had ideas to offer but wasn’t bothered if we didn’t use them. However many of his ideas we loved and incorporated them into the plans. His practical experience as a contractor allowed him to point out things that, if done differently, would save us money without impacting the design in a way that we didn’t like (these saving were later confirmed with the contractor who did the building). A building inspector with the city was impressed with how Chad had “danced” around various regulations to get us what we wanted with minimal fees. Chad was polite, honest, knowledgeable, creative, on time and on budget. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

Neil Bernardi-Wright & Alana Ramey-Bernardi, CA

I had the delight in working with Chad in 2009 to help us through the potential time and financial minefields in the City of SC building department. We wanted to remodel and put a deck on our newly purchased house which required a lot line adjustment. We already had a contractor we were working with so we hired Chad to do the design for the deck and to consult with us on our options for remodeling. He was incredibly knowledgeable about construction and about the building department. He was also helpful in making our project as "green" as possible while still making it through the permit process. Working with Chad made a stressful time as smooth sailing as it could go. Chad was incredibly skillful in describing our options with the city, with construction styles and with the interaction of the two. I really feel that Chad was a clear, honest, intelligent and communicative ally for me with my project. I know that Chad's plan ended up saving thousands of dollars in design fees and avoided months of delay in our project. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Chad and would work with him again without hesitation. 

Darren Huckle L. AC., CA

As a General Contractor I have my work cut out for me meeting with my clients, writing contracts, managing projects and ensuring that quality work is happening. I'm able to depend on Chad to either create new designs or facilitate the creation of a customers idea into final construction documents that can move thru the plan check process with ease. This allows me to focus in the remaining areas of the project to bring about a beautiful creation.

David Hanson, David Hanson Construction, CA

Dear Chad, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "We hired Chad to design our new house and detached garage. We did not hire an architect and saved quite a bit of money by doing so. Chad researched the new 2010 California building codes, designed the house, worked with the county on both a coastal permit and a building permit and revisions that were required. The total time was only nine months from first submittal of the Santa Cruz County Coastal permit to final building permit. This is VERY fast for Santa Cruz County. I appreciated the timeliness and thoroughness of Chad's work. He did quite a bit of research into radiant floor systems, specialized structural engineered beams, roofing materials, and decking materials that are new to the market. Chad continues to consult with our general contractor during the building process at no charge. Chad brings a unique combination of skills to the job. He used to work as a general contractor and understands the building process and where to save money. He is always learning and investigating new techniques. He is now designing radiant floor systems for a radiant floor company after he educated himself and did the plans for our house. I would highly recommend Chad Williams for any new or remodel design. Regards, Christine Krause

Christine Krause, CA

Chad is one of the only building/construction professionals with whom I have worked on a very challenging project, who took the time to understand what I needed and provide that, as opposed to dogmatically emphasizing their own opinion." "Of the approximately 20 professionals with whom I have worked on a very challenging residential design/permit/build project, Chad is one of two that I would hire on any future project.

Allan M., Carmel Valley, CA

Chad designed a whole house remodel including master bath addition, radiant heat and new roof structure for me. He is on top of building codes and the latest technologies in building materials. He was open minded and spent time researching materials that I wanted to incorporate, but he wasn’t aware of. I value his expertise as Green Designer and former General Contractor, because I got his honest opinion if things I suggested didn’t make sense. He designed with my building budget in mind. During construction, Chad was always available to answer my questions and gave me advice on how to approach challenges which arose more than once. He shared his insights and knowledge and in addition Chad has access to a network of professionals to get the answers I needed when I was stuck. I truly appreciate his dedication beyond duty.

Silke L., Sunnyvale, CA

Whole package, Chad took us through the whole process. With a design that Chad suggested and we agreed on, With excellent drawings Chad took us through the county planning process. Provided us with a truss design and manufacturing company. We are currently nearing our final inspection. Well done.

Marc & David Larson, CA

I needed Chad's service to draft the design of the house I wanted to build in Santa Cruz. Chad is very competent, professional and helpful. He shepherded the permit process successfully. I highly recommend him.

Luhan W., Santa Cruz, CA

I have known chad for many years. He was the lead contractor for my designer kitchen addition from the ground up. Beautiful results were attained with his professionalism. He also designed my two car detached garage and shop with many good suggestions.

 JV, Watsonville, CA

Doing business with Chad was a pleasure. I found him to be very helpful, efficient and knowledgeable. He was very familiar with the Planning Department and was able to expedite that process. I recommend him for you next project.

Thomas Brandow, Construction Documents for Addition to Residence and Permit, CA


We're happy to help you with your project, wether it's building permit processing, construction management, new house design or remodeling.